Tax planning is a significant element to most transactions and investments and offers the opportunity to add value and minimize financial risk.  Klug Law Office PLLC understands the universe of tax law and how to utilize our knowledge to our client’s advantage. We work with individuals and companies who are subject to tax laws around the world, including C corporations and S corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, and trustees and executors.

Whether your transaction is related to your business or involves a personal investment, our office can help structure the transaction in order to achieve the best results under federal, state, local and international tax laws.  Klug Law Office PLLC is committed to advancing transactions to meet the objectives of our clients.


Business Planning

Klug Law Office PLLC provides full service capability to support the tax functions of businesses, whether in the form of a C corporation, S corporation, partnership, limited liability company or a family corporation.  Our office works directly with clients to minimize the client’s tax liability as well as assisting the client in complying with all applicable federal and state law.

Our office provides comprehensive legal advice to corporations, joint ventures, partnerships, investment groups and other enterprises, as well as to foreign entities and individuals seeking to do business in the US.  We deliver effective counsel at every stage of a company’s development.

Our office provides highly personalized services to every situation.  We are regularly in contact with clients in order to ask questions that help uncover issues to be resolved relative to minimizing tax liabilities and avoiding issues with tax authorities.  Because of our wealth of resources and experience, we know where to turn for answers and how to implement strategies that will yield the best result for the client’s interest.

Whether a company is facing an IRS tax audit or structuring a sophisticated transaction, sound legal advice is necessary.  Tax problems can put a company’s reputation at risk and can cost a company substantial time, money, and stress. With so much on the line, it is important to have proper representation.

Our office is committed to delivering the highest quality of legal services to each of our clients.  Our office represents a wide range of businesses, partnerships, trusts, and high net-worth individuals across the US and around the world.  Our experience allows us to provide sophisticated tax advice to clients facing complex and challenging business tax issues.

Our business tax planning services include:

  • Tax structuring, restructuring, and buying or selling a business;
  • Tax planning with respect to federal tax issues;
  • Tax planning for state and local issues including nexus, combined vs. separate reporting, sourcing of income, allocation, and apportionment;
  • Tax structuring and planning for real estate investment;
  • Consulting regarding compensation issues for businesses;
  • Preparation of analysis related to complex corporate tax issues; and
  • Audit and litigation representation with federal, state, and local jurisdictions.


Cross-Border Transactions

Klug Law Office PLLC assists companies that are entering the US market or US companies that are expanding operations internationally.  Whether this means a move or expansion into or out of the US, for operations or personnel, experienced counsel is crucial. Our office has extensive experience and technical knowledge to assist in structuring transactions worldwide.  Our office works closely with a network of international professionals to assist clients by minimizing overall tax burden while coordinating tax planning compliance services.

In advising clients on international business deals and transactions, our office uses a straightforward approach to identify potential legal and tax issues in advance.  Identifying issues in advance allows us to develop transactional strategies best suited to our clients’ business objectives while avoiding future tax problems.

Our international business tax services include:

  • Optimization of structures for foreign investment and business operations in the US;
  • Optimization of structures for US investment and business operations outside of the US;
  • Structuring for cross-border acquisitions, sales, and other exchanges;
  • Structuring for acquisition, operation, and disposition of US real estate;
  • Controlled foreign corporation planning including Subpart F income and GILTI issues;
  • Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFICs) issues
  • Income tax treaties and totalization agreements; and
  • Foreign tax credits.


Individual Tax Planning

helping clients from the heartKlug Law Office PLLC has been helping individuals succeed providing timely, proactive and effective services.  We are skilled in addressing all levels of complexity with respect to the individual tax matters and compliance.  We pride ourselves on delivering proactive tax planning and year-round client service.

Our office handles individual matters related to real estate, entrepreneurs and business owners, wealth taxation, pension and employee benefits, international taxation, state and local taxes, tax compliance and controversies, as well as business matters.  

In the ever-changing world of the tax code, the continuous release of administrative guidance and judicial interpretations requires that our office continually monitor new developments.  In every matter, we get to know our clients strategic objectives to offer advice that is tailored to their needs. Our goal is to protect our clients’ assets by taking full advantage of deductions, credits and losses that reduce their tax burden.  Our office assists in constructing comprehensive tax plans that comply with federal and state laws.

Our individual tax planning services include:

  • Monitor and recommend practical solutions for tax planning purposes, including multi-year tax planning;
  • Advise on structures for business liability, tax planning and compliance purposes;
  • Planning for carried interest;
  • Planning for executive compensation arrangements;
  • Executive counseling and planning including retirement analysis, stock options and benefits;
  • Charitable gift planning;
  • Advise on multistate individual taxation, including residency issues, income-sourcing and state and local tax minimization;
  • Identify tax efficient opportunities for single stock concentration and diversification issues;
  • Assist with US reporting for foreign transactions;
  • Provide strategic tax plans for inbound and outbound individual investment;
  • Tax services for US citizens abroad;
  • Pre-immigration tax planning; and
  • EB-5 investor tax planning.