Are there tax implications in selecting the type of entity to operate a business?

Yes.  The type of entity used to operate a business has very important tax implications.  It will be important to analyze whether losses are expected at the start, whether double taxation will be a significant issue, whether self-employment tax will be a burden to the owners, as well as many other important considerations.  Selecting the type of entity to operate your business will have important tax consequences that will affect the bottom line of your business.

Are you struggling with how to respond to an IRS audit?

It is important to have an experienced tax attorney to guide you through an IRS audit.  During the initial examination period of the IRS audit, our firm works closely with you and will interact with the IRS on your behalf.  Your IRS record will be closely reviewed and a case strategy will be developed.  If the case cannot be concluded at the audit level, our firm will proceed with administrative programs and procedures that best facilitate a resolution of the case.  If the case cannot reach a proper resolution at the administrative level and it is in your best interest, our firm is ready to litigate the tax controversy in court.

Do tax audits on international tax issues require special considerations?

Yes.  There are numerous laws that are specific to international tax issues that carry large penalties for noncompliance, it is important to have a tax attorney who has significant experience with international tax issues to properly advise and handle your case.

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