Our goal is for you to have an estate plan that you understand and covers all future needs.


Having worked hard for your family, planning for their long-term well-being and financial security will give you comfort that you have fulfilled your obligations to them.

Klug Law Office PLLC provides comprehensive estate planning for individuals, couples, families, and family businesses.

Tax planning is a critical part of estate planning. Our firm incorporates effective, practical tax savings strategies in all of our estate plans and trusts.

International Estate Planning

Klug Law Office PLLC has extensive experience in advising US citizens with dual or multiple nationalities, especially those living outside the US, and their families with their unique estate planning challenges. Our firm coordinates global estate planning for US, foreign and multinational families. Many of our clients have assets abroad and our firm coordinates their estate planning with local counsel in those jurisdictions. Our firm also represents foreign clients with US business interests and/or family members in the US. Klug Law Office PLLC works with these clients in structuring their US investments to maximize US tax advantages and advise them on tax-efficient methods of transferring those investments to succeeding generations.

Pre-Immigration Planning

If you are immigrating to the US, pre-immigration tax planning can reduce US federal taxes on income, gifts, and estates. The US taxes its citizens and residents on their worldwide income. Similarly, US citizens and residents domiciled in the US are subject to US estate and gift taxation on their worldwide
assets. For wealthy individuals, there are opportunities to engage in income, estate, and gift tax planning prior to immigrating to the US to reduce their exposure to US income, estate, and gift taxation. For someone with non-US assets or ownership interest in non-US companies, there are certain elections and
other considerations that should be contemplated prior to immigrating to the US to avoid adverse income taxation.

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