Klug Law Office PLLC works with and understands the needs of small to mid-size businesses and emerging companies.  Our office provides advice and counsel in most aspects of corporate and business law, business transactions, corporate governance, and international law.

Companies need lawyers that understand both business and the law.  Working with the right law firm leads to successful results. Knowledge of the law is essential to being a lawyer and knowledge of your business is key to being an advisor.  It is our approach to learn our clients business in order to best serve their needs and goals.


Our approach is to build a strong connection with our clients so we can better understand their needs and goals.  Our approach allows business owners to plan for success and growth, avoid litigation and conflict where possible, and anticipate issues that may arise in the future and plan a succession and/or exit strategy.

Our office serves as outside general counsel to small to midsize businesses and emerging companies.  Our office has experience in the areas of corporate and commercial law. Our office prides itself on providing clients with valuable business insights and sound legal judgment.  

Through the life cycle of each business, our office works closely with our clients.  We work with our clients to develop legal solutions that provide efficiency in their businesses, achieve their objectives and protect their profitability and viability.  When starting a business, a client faces multiple choices regarding the architecture of the organization, whether to form a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership.  There are different tax and liability implications in selecting the appropriate entity.

We work with clients during the start-up phase of their business as they make key decisions that establish the foundation of their business.  The steps include selecting the appropriate entity, hiring employees and drafting operating and ownership agreements. After consulting with our client and analyzing their business goals and needs, our office provides recommendations on the appropriate entity and ownership structure, prepare and execute the formation documents, and provide other guidance as needed that benefits our clients.  

We draft contracts and agreements tailored to each client’s business.  By having properly drafted documents in place, the business typically is subject to less liability, and the agreements mitigate risk and provide a clear structure for dispute resolution and transfers of ownership.  The agreements will also provide guidelines for management of the business. After the organization documents have been completed, we work with the owners, board of directors, and executives with complying with the requirements of the organizational documents which help protect the owners’ investment.  

Our office is experienced in negotiating, structuring and implementing commercial transactions.  As your business expands, we approach each transaction with your financial considerations and long-term strategic plans in mind.  

Whether buying or selling a business, our office provides experienced and responsive legal services for business owners, whether acquiring a business to grow or selling to cash out.  We provide knowledgeable counsel in equity and asset acquisitions and sales, mergers, and other similar transactions. Our office represents private sellers in equity transactions with purchasers and to purchasers and sellers in private equity and asset transactions.  

Our business services include:

  • Entity selection and formation;
  • Everyday consulting and long-range planning;
  • Assistance in drafting and reviewing contracts and other transactional documents;
  • Negotiating, structuring, and implementing commercial transactions;
  • The sale, purchase, and merger or acquisition of a business;
  • Structuring real estate investment;
  • Serving as outside general counsel to small to mid-size businesses and emerging companies;
  • Buy-sell agreements and shareholders agreements; and
  • Winding down of a business.


Cross-Border Transactions

Businesses and emerging companies often look to expand abroad.  With today’s global economy, businesses engage in cross-border transactions daily.  These transactions include the establishment of new cross-border ventures; the sale, purchase, licensing, and the financing of goods and services; to negotiating and implementing cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and outsourcing.  Klug Law Office PLLC provides advice and representation with cross-border transactions and has extensive experience with related international tax considerations and planning. Our office has developed a network of professionals from around the world allowing us to help our clients looking to expand abroad or for clients looking to enter the US market.

The presence of divergent legal systems, complex bureaucratic regimes, cultural differences, political volatility, and other risks make cross-border transactions a challenging area of the law.  The creation of binding investment structures, negotiation of effective joint venture terms with viable exit strategies and the drafting of dependable dispute resolution mechanisms are essential elements in this practice area.  

Whether our client is looking to establish or expand their business presence in a foreign jurisdiction, acquire an existing foreign operation from a foreign owner or enter into a joint venture with a local partner, our office has the experience to assist.  We can handle the negotiations, advising with regard to local law issues (through coordination with local professionals), manage local counsel and other professionals, and preparing the necessary transaction documents with the goal of completing the transaction consistent with our client’s expectations.  Non-US clients also seek our representation with regard to investing in or acquiring a US company.

In both developing and developed nations, the need to understand local law, assess local partner candidates, avoid corruption issues, guide and manage local counsel and interact with local government agencies is necessary.  Our office can anticipate and manage the substantial complexities that these issues bring to a cross-border investment.

Our cross-border transaction services include:

  • Advising on business issues (including financial and practical operational considerations);
  • Providing tax analysis (including both US and international tax planning);
  • Drafting and negotiating transactional, financing, joint venture and shareholder agreements; and
  • Coordinating with and directing the local counsel and other professionals.